First Freestyle Showing for Lynnette and Wietze

This past weekend My horse, Wietze G, AKA Wookie, and I traveled down to Apopka, FL to Compete in the Heidelberg Cup Dressage show hosted by the Orlando Dressage Association. We had not competed our US Dressage Finals Championship Grand Prix Freestyle Since Lexington in November. I was very happy with the ride as we had no mistakes. Passage and Piaffe could have been better, but we got all of our tempi changes and pirouettes so that was great! We hit every musical place right on target. I love it when it goes that way. Right on the music!! The only problem was that at the end of the test the music cut out on me twice. I had used the CD twice that week and it didn’t happen to me so I am assuming there was a problem with their sound system. That is so frustrating! It ruined the whole ending. We ended up with a 70.5% of which I am very proud, but of course would have been happier with clean music all the way through. Oh, a little tip for you freestyle riders. I suggest if you are having a good test and the music goes out on you a couple of times that you keep riding! I did and it worked out fine. If it would have died completely, then we would have maybe had a “do over”.

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