How long will it take?

Quality, artistic freestyles take time, so please allow three months. Depending on the season there is a chance it will not take that long.

How do you determine what music and how fast for my horse?

By video or in person, I use a metronome to clock the footfalls of each gait. I also take into account the build and movement of the horse to determine a feel for the type of music that will enhance the horse. You, the rider will also contribute your likes and dislikes because it must be music that YOU like too!

What do you mean by “tempo editing”?

Tempo editing may not be able to be accomplished if the change is greater than 10 to 15 beats per minute due to digitizing and/or distortion.

What about payment?

There is a non-refundable deposit of 50% due at the time of start. The remainder of payment is due upon completion of the project

What if I need my music reedited?

Minor tweaks are usually free of charge, but changes are $75 per hour.

What if I have chosen my own music and just need it edited?

We can do that too; assuming the tempos are within a workable range.

Can I send a video of my freestyle choreography and have music added?

Yes. Sometimes you will have to do minimal adjusting due to the phrasing of the music, but it usually works out very well.