What is the process of freestyle creation?

You send me a clear, easy to see video of your horse’s gaits. This can be a dressage test or just practice ride with walk, trot, canter.

You and I discuss your music likes and dislikes.

We have a conversation discussing what you would like to show off most and least.

If you are doing your own choreography you send me a video of the rider riding the choreography in A REGULATION SIZED DRESSAGE ARENA. This is very important as I match footfalls of the horse to the music. Again, please send a quality video for me to work with. If I do the choreography you practice until you feel it’s right and then send a video of the choreography in A REGULATION SIZED DRESSAGE ARENA.

You practice and contact me with any problems. When everything is good I email you an MP3 file and make CDs if you need and mail to you.

Most people want to know who long it will take – Finding music is usually the longest part of the process. I will send music files as I find them. I try to have freestyles finished within a month.