Goldbar Freestyles

Dressage Musical Freestyle Design by Lynnette Wadsworth

Let the experience of a dance teacher, dressage competitor and former music student help you attain your freestyle goals. I started riding and creating freestyles fifteen years ago and have designed and ridden every dressage level freestyle numerous times and look forward to helping you dance with your horse whether it be starting from scratch with choreography and music or just editing music you have chosen.

  • Goldbar prides itself on making your freestyle a dance
  • Goldbar chooses music that suits your horse
  • Makes sure there are plenty of places to show interpretation
  • Takes pride in seamless editing
  • Goldbar also communicates with the client to better understand their musical tastes and their horse’s personality

Experience the Gold Bar Standard and let us help you attain your musical freestyle goals.

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Here is what some of our clients had to say about us:

“Lynette helped me create the freestyle of my dreams! Not only was her talent to help bring out the best in me and my horse apparent, but she spent countless hours helping me pick out the perfect music for my fourth level freestyle.”

Maddie Kanda

Janet and Chester“Thank you Lynnette for helping me get together a really fun fourth level freestyle with my Lipizzan, Chester! I think I smiled through the entire ride! The music was a very good fit for Chester, and he was almost jaunty with his interpretation of it.

Janet Buckner

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