A Recap of 2016 for Goldbar Freestyles

Goldbar Freestyles enjoyed much success in 2016.  Clients and friends rode to music selected and edited by Goldbar up and down the East Coast and even as far West as Colorado.  Riders’ ages ranged from teens to vintage riders and practically every level of Dressage Musical Freestyle was represented.

Beginning with Training Level Freestyle we saw Meredith McGrath Winning the CBLM Championship in VA, to a Jazzy Mancini style of music.  First level Freestyles included Suzanne Graham and her horse Justice, and Marge Savage and Willow’s Dream.  Suzanne’s Freestyle, which was ridden to a blend of Country and Southern Rock took them to Reserve Champions at Region 3 GAIG and then on the U.S. Dressage Finals in Lexington KY, where they placed 7th.  Marge and Willow also had successful shows and placed 7th at Region 3 GAIG and went on to take her first trip to U.S. Dressage Finals . Second level found Brian MacMahon a Champion at Region 3 with his horse Alota Bling, and he also placed 5th in the second level Freestyle on Melanie Stage’s mare Miramar. Also having a super season was Lynn Jendrowski and Diesel VT.  They rode a second level Freestyle to a jazzy selection of music that included the song ” Aint that a Kick in the Head” and were undefeated all season! All of their scores were in the high 70’s.  They won the CBLM 2nd level Freestyle Championship in VA and went on to U.S. Dressage Finals where they placed 8th.

Lynn also competed well at 3rd level Freestyle with Melody Light’s horse Valsar. They won the CBLM Championship in VA, and went on to ride the Spanish themed Freestyle at U.S. Dressage Finals.  Back at Region 3 Faye Flynn debuted her new Freestyle with Rosevelt and placed 5th.  The crisp violin music added a light touch to her masculine gelding.  Fortunate enough to earn a wild card score the duo went on to U.S. Dressage Finals and placed 5th.

There were no 4th level Freestyles represented by Goldbar this past season, but there were Intermediate Freestyles.  Cody Armstrong, riding to trot music from “The Grateful Dead”, won the CBLM Intermediate Freestyle in VA for Region 1.  That won her a spot at U.S. Dressage Finals.  Mary O’Brien and her talented gelding, Watch Me, also sported a new I-1 Freestyle in 2016 to a medley by The Piano Guys.  Mary had a very successful season that included Region 3 Championships and U.S. Dressage Finals.

Well, topping out the Dressage levels is the Grand Prix and Goldbar Freestyles was well represented at that level also.  Jacqueline Cuddy rode her Spanish horse to a Scottish theme that gave me chill bumps when I saw it.  They placed 4th in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Region 3 Championships, went on to Lexington, KY to U.S. Dressage Finals and placed 7th in the Open Division and also competed at Wellington at the Global Dressage Festival.  Anna Marek used Freestyle music from three years ago on a new horse, Dee Clair and placed 3rd at Region 3 Championships.  She also had a very successful year at many shows in Region 3. Lynnette Wadsworth rode her 2015 Freestyle to music by “Queen” again in 2016 and ended up claiming the U.S. Dressage Finals Adult Amateur Grand Prix Freestyle Championship.  What a Blast! What an honor!  And, competing in the same class and placing 6th was Kristin Herzing riding to music that Goldbar put together several years ago.

Among awards earned by Dressage riders there is also USDF horse of the Year.  There are several categories  and divisions so we won’t list them all, but here are a few highlights:  Lynn Jendrowski – 4th place – 2nd level FS.  Brian MacMahon – 15th place – 2nd level FS.  Faye Flynn – 8th place – 3rd level FS.

Many of the aforementioned riders placed high in All Breeds Awards, Vintage Awards and other challenges, but I think it’s fair to say that Goldbar promoted Dressage Musical Freestyles in a positive way.  In 2017 I will try to update the blog so as not to have such a lengthy one at the end of the competition year!


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