Goldbar riders excel at Cinco de Mayo dressage

April 28 and 29, four ladies rode freestyles ranging from first level to Intermediate I with music that was country pop, sixties jazz, new age, and sixties pop. Mary Ann Callahan scored a 73% her first time out with this freestyle that mixed Dire Straits with Simon and Garfunkel. The judge commented that it was upbeat and they looked like they were having fun. She scored an 8 on her music. Suzanne Graham won the freestyle class with a whopping 77% for her second level freestyle. She was able to use this country pop music that included Willy Nelson and Lynyrd Skynrd for first level and now second level. New age music worked for Dee Loveless and her fourth level freestyle as they earned a 67.9%, and Cool Jazz from the sixties scored a 71.9% with an 8.5 on music for Courtney O’Brien riding an Intermediate I freestyle. I thank them all for letting me have fun finding music for their rides. The season is getting busy and Goldbar is thinking of creative ways to use music to make your horse dance!

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